Has Tested and reviewed the following Roaming Products for:
  • Cost of Recieving Calls
  • Local Calls
  • SIM Card Price
  • Initial Credit with SIM Card
  • Country of SIM Number
  • Text Message Charges
  • Data Roaming Charges
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About Roaming Advisor

We're here to help you get the best possible deal on international roaming, whether it's with a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. is an independent service comparing global sim card roaming rates. We make all our conclusions and advice freely available on this website.

We collect all possible information about global sim cards and their roaming rates from mobile roaming providers. We then carry out specific same-level comparisons on the roaming charges from mobile operators. This gives a unique overview, constantly updated.

We compare mobile roaming sims for each of the following items:

  • Cost of receiving calls from the UK when traveling abroad
  • Cost of calling the UK from abroad
  • Cost of local calls when roaming
  • Roaming Sim card price
  • Initial mobile roaming credit
  • Where the mobile number on your roaming Sim originates
  • The international calling prefix for receiving calls
  • Mobile data roaming charges
  • Text message charges when traveling

All this information is available for you, free of charge. So how do we make money? promotes products from leading world sim card suppliers, and we get a small commission whenever a sim, or product, is purchased. By buying via a link from our site you support our work, making us able to continue and expand this service.

RoamingSims does not favour any cheap travel sim card provider more than others. Our mobile roaming sim and data sim card comparison is an unbiased comparison. We are in contact with global sim card providers and they supply us with information not widely available to the public. This helps us make sure we offer accurate and updated international roaming industry information. However, these relations are independent of our reviews and they do not affect our reviews.

Please note that we are unable to take responsibility for correctness of the prices posted. Prices posted are based on information from operators and mobile roaming providers. We are not always immediately informed by cheap travel sim card providers about price changes. Conversions from international currencies are done to the same exchange rate. All prices are calculated with VAT.

Please note that following the purchase of a world sim card additional charges may occur, such as:

  • VAT
  • Delivery costs
  • Call set up charges
  • Call credit can expire

Re strongly recommend you read all fine print before purchasing global sim cards. We do not promote suppliers that deceive or mislead the buyer, but it is your responsibility to know all the conditions of use. We always try to highlight any issues we think you need to be aware of.

The mobile roaming rate comparison table is a mobile roaming comparison of voice and data sim card roaming costs across the world at the time of writing. It can act as a guide for roaming charges and what the mobile roaming costs actually are.

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Roaming News:
Mobile Operators to cut Roaming Charges on Text messages and Data Charges, "This evidence shows that text and data roaming prices have remained too high compared to the actual costs incurred by operators"

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