Has Tested and reviewed the following Roaming Products for:
  • Cost of Recieving Calls
  • Local Calls
  • SIM Card Price
  • Initial Credit with SIM Card
  • Country of SIM Number
  • Text Message Charges
  • Data Roaming Charges
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Roaming Advisor is the most comprehensive world sim comparison site. We made this site to compare roaming costs and to find the best roaming product in the market. We believe that travel sim card charges should be abolished or, at the very least, lowered to a rate more in line with domestic rates. By using a roaming sim for travel you can save money on roaming in the EU and other parts of the world. Review the cheap roaming sims promoted on this site by selecting the country you'll be visiting from the drop down menu above, and start saving on your global roaming.

We review cheap global roaming sims independently, and you can quickly find out how much you can save when using international sim cards just by selecting the country you are traveling to in the above banner, and compare roaming charges.

Roaming Advisor has made a little tool that lets you compare cheap roaming when traveling for business or just going on holiday. Either way, with one of the international sim cards promoted on you're are guaranteed to save money. is an independent service comparing mobile roaming charges from mobile operators and from roaming sim providers. We make all our conclusions and advice freely available on this website. We collect all possible information about roaming charges from international mobile phone roaming providers. We then carry out specific same-level comparisons to the roaming charges from mobile operators.

  • Cost of receiving a call from the UK when travelling abroad
  • Cost of calling a UK mobile number from abroad
  • Cost of making a local call when roaming
  • The price of the Roaming Sim
  • Initial Call Credit
  • The Roaming sim prefix and international calling code
  • Mobile data roaming charges
  • Text message costs

We review roaming sim cards according to the following specific areas:

Customer Service

We call and email the customer service departments of each provider, asking the same questions.

Online Portal

We see if there is an online portal for users to log in to and review their account, top up and what additional functionality is available.

Quality of Calls

We test the calls for connection and continued call quality. Calls are held for up to 30 minutes to see if the quality lasts.

Call Connection

We time how long it takes for the call to connect using the roaming sim. We also check how long it takes before the call back happens with the callback services.

Data Roaming

We test the data connection to see if the networks are available and if the device connects. We establish whether the technology offered is GPRS, EDGE or HSDA, and in how many countries it is offered, and if it works on Push email and Blackberry.

Text Messaging

We send a text message to a UK mobile, and reply to test what number it comes as and how easy it is to reply.

Ease of Use

We check the supporting documents, that come with the global sim cards, to make sure they are understandable and thorough. We test the set up process. As all Roaming Sims are made in different way, and some with more features than others we test how easy it is to understand, and if there is anything the user should be aware of.

Value for money

This is pretty much self-explanatory, we check if we find the sim is value for money, is it worth buying or not.

Special Features

Some roaming sim cards have special features, such as toll-free or 0800 access numbers, conference calls, manual selection of call-back, and SMS call back requests. Some even have currency conversion. If a provider offers it, we