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Data Roaming

To get the cheapest Data Roaming SIM, follow these three simple steps.

  • Select the country you will be visiting from the Roaming Tariff Checker Banner above.
  • Click on "Sort By" at the top of the "Data per/min" column in the data table.
  • Then, select BUY NOW for the SIM with the cheapest data roaming rates.

If you have any questions about roaming data charges, please send an email to or using the form on the Contact Us page.

What is Data Roaming - how does it work?

What is data roaming - If you switch on a mobile device, like an iPhone, iPad, or laptop when traveling abroad, it will automatically attempt to connect with a GSM or 3G network. Smartphones are usually configured to actively seek out and connect with the most accessible network in the country that you are in. 'Most accessible' does not however, mean 'most affordable'.

When there is a roaming data charges agreement between your home service provider and the network in the country you are visiting, the home network operator will allow your device to access internet. If the overseas operator does not have a 3G network, or if your home service provider has not yet signed a 3G network, you can only get access to basic mobile data services such as SMS, GRPS services and e-mail, but not 3G broadband services.

Whenever you use your mobile phone abroad for certain activities, your handset pulls the information it needs through network providers that are different from the one that you are signed to back home - this is data roaming.

The services that use Data Roaming when you use your phone abroad include things like:

  • MMS: Sending and receiving multimedia messages while abroad with other clients on GSM/3G networks
  • Push E-mail: Exchanging e-mails while abroad - on iPhone and iPad this feature is switched on all the time
  • Handset internet: Accessing internet services such as Web pages, Web 2.0 applications, downloads etc. whilst abroad directly from your iPad, iPhone and other smartphones.
  • Mobile broadband: Connecting laptops via data cards or USB dongles to the internet, providing internet access while abroad

Mobile Internet Abroad - how does using mobile internet abroad work?

When you are abroad and using a say, iPhone data roaming to connect to the internet, the connection is established by the overseas provider's network, back through to your home operator's network, allowing for data to be exchanged between the two. So unless you have an adequate roaming data contract, when you connect to the internet abroad you can expect to pay for: signalling networks fees; costs for the international transit of the data; the wholesale charge for using the connection on the visited operator's network; costs for connecting to the internet from the home network; the home operator's retail costs. And sometimes even taxes, such as VAT! So it makes since to get a roaming data SIM contract you can trust!

Data Roaming Charges - How much should roaming data charge?

Service providers measure the usage of mobile internet services in megabytes (MB) or kilobytes (KB), and the data roaming charges and tariffs can differ widely. It is important therefore to have an idea of the sort of roaming costs that are associated with your data downloads, and how much data is downloaded when you use data abroad on, for example iPhone roaming and iPad roaming. An e-mail without any attachments usually consists of between 10 and 60KB. An ordinary website can be around 100KBs to 200KBs, or even more, depending on how much of the content consists of images. So this process can end up costing a tidy sum unless you have a SIM that enables reasonable roaming data charges.

Are there any Data Roaming Pitfalls?

Data Roaming - while roaming some smartphones and laptops will continue to update, try to connect to the internet and draw data if you don't switch off your data roaming or your network adapter - if your phone or network adapter is on, then even if you aren't using it data will still be automatically updating (as a friend of mine found out after a trip to Boston with his iPhone cost £160 without him using it). Switch it off before you travel by going into "Settings" and updating it.

How to Avoid High Data Roaming Charges?

The best option for avoiding shocking bills is to buy a package specifically designed for your needs before you travel. is in contact with a few selected data roaming SIM card providers, and will be updating our SIM cards comparison service regularly to give you more information about these providers, including all the features and services that they deliver. By buying a specialised voice or data roaming SIM card you will stay in control of your data roaming charges.

Cheap Data Roaming Providers

Some of the services offered by the providers include

  • Mobile Data SIM Cards that have flat-fee roaming and pay as you go data roaming,
  • Transparent roaming charges - upfront rates
  • Access to online reporting -available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Providers offering special deals for countries like the United States
  • 24 hour customer service - there when you need them
  • Topping up anywhere, anytime and in some cases automatically
  • Providers specialising in data and some specialising in voice, driving rates down
  • Micro SIM for iPhones and iPads

We are dedicated to finding the most convenient and affordable mobile data tariffs to give you the best deals. We help you stop worrying about your mobile rates so you can relax and enjoy your holiday! To find the most appropriate mobile roaming solution for you and your circumstances, click here and select the country you're visiting from the drop down menu in the Roaming Tariff Checker banner. If strive to answer all your "what is your roaming data questions here, but, if for some reason the "what is roaming data" or "what is roaming" questions have not been answered, get in contact and we'll do our best to help.

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