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"Eurotariff Explained - mobile roaming in the EU"

Eurotariff is the new rules for roaming charges proposed by the European union and implemented in 2007.
The European Commision had tried for more than four years to implement a maximum charge for mobile roaming charges when using your mobile in another country within the Union. Mobile operators in the United Kingdom disputed the legislation and delayed it until September 2007 when it was put in place.
However, even with the EU legislation in place, charges are still high. The rules stipulate a maximum for mobile roaming charges, and our current comparison on mobile roaming charges in Europe show that savings of up to 80% can still be made within the EU.
This means that even after operators have implemented the EU rules, with you are still able to save you when you roam within the EU. Despite the prices going down in the EU roaming costs outside the EU are still incsredibly high, and show you the best deals.

The Eurotariff Prices by year: Eurotariff maximum per minute roaming charge in Euros (without VAT): Eurotariff maximum price Summer 2007 Summer 2008 Summer 2009 Mobile calls made abroad,49 cents, 46 cents, 43 cents Mobile calls received abroad, 24 cents, 22 cents, 19 cents
These are the maximum charges. Operators are free to offer cheaper rates so be on the lookout for better deals. And remember that the best deals are still to be had from dedicated roaming SIMs.
The full regulation is rather simple and is this is an excerpt of the regulation:
The EU regulation on roaming is valid from the 1st of July 2007. It states that mobile users travelling within the EU will be able to communicate across borders at affordable and transparent prices.

What does the EU eurotariff regulation mean for consumers?
Prices paid for international roaming when travelling within the EU will be capped by a Eurotariff unless the customer opts for a special package offered by an operator.
Eurotariff cannot exceed 38 pence for making roaming calls within the EU and 18.4 pence for receiving calls in 2007 till 2008 (excluding VAT). Mobile users will benefit from these lower roaming prices for making calls to the UK and making calls within the EU. Mobile users will also make considerable savings when receiving calls while roaming.

The EU legislation goes on to explain that the wholesale interconnect charges which operators charge each other will also be capped. However this is still at higher rates than the actual price of an international call.
The EU legislation also promises that transparency of roaming charges for mobile users will be enhanced. It states that travellers will be able to receive an SMS when they are roaming informing them of the price they are expected to pay for making and receiving calls. Customers can opt out from the service if they wish. Customers are able to request more detailed information by means of a voice call or SMS, however information texts are to be charged at roaming rates.
Eurotariff uses the national telecoms regulators to monitor and supervise compliance with the regulation. They will oversee wholesale and retail charges for the provision of services to roaming customers. These services include voice and data communications, including SMS and MMS. However the legislations is not specific on prices on text messages or mobile data roaming charges.
The regulation is only valid for three years after which it will be be reviewed.
The EU states that the Eurotariff regulation was put in place because of unjustified roaming charges which did not reflect real underlying costs of providing roaming services. It says that to protect consumers across borders a EU wide regulation was needed.
Against a background of very little progress on charges by industry-driven initiatives the Commission decided to act.

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Wikipedia - Eurotariff

13 June 2008: Article from the register suggesting that Viviane Reading from the EU commision will cap data roaming charges.

The EU's official Eurotariff website

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