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Free spirit with a big canvas
...of their own. I'm hoping for that. I can write something in three or four parts, and everyone will look at the same thing, but...Baron, a long-term Frisell colleague, as a free spirit with a roaming commission. "Joey will have no [musical] part other than 'this...
Financial Times  13-11-2009

Coconut water takes on the world his coconut farm near Rio de Janeiro, dodging turkeys and roaming dogs, Fábio Lewin says he has received supply enquiries mainly...One says sales of coconut water have now exceeded those of orange juice, Fábio is still confident he will have to hire more...
Financial Times  04-11-2009

E-reader sales set to rise as Amazon cuts Kindle price
...according to the Association of American Publishers. Amazon has not made public sales figures for Kindle.Its new international roaming version of the device will work in more than 100 countries. US owners will have to pay a $1.99 fee for every...
Financial Times  08-10-2009

Amazon's Kindle to go international
...according to the Association of American Publishers. Amazon has not made public sales figures for Kindle. Its new international roaming version of the device will work in more than 100 countries. US owners will have to pay a $1.99 fee for every...
Financial Times  07-10-2009

Top EU court unlikely to overturn roaming cap
...scope of the regulation to the nascent data-transfer market, as well as pushing down mobile roaming prices even further.Roaming costs are down by about 70 per cent compared with before the measure, said a Commission spokesman, who welcomed the guidance...
Financial Times  01-10-2009

From sleaze to sparkle
...trained to keep their eyes from roaming too far from their immediate path. Shimbo identifies three young women dressed in miniskirts...square metres in size, located three minutes' walk from from the...spacious 230 sq metre property three minutes from the station...
Financial Times  25-09-2009

Retirement developments: A life of secure, tranquil leisure
As the population ages, many of us are releasing capital in favour of a stress-free 'lock-up-and-leave' home. Developments aimed at the over 55s are geared towards buyers wantin
The Independent  16-09-2009

China Unicom in $1bn TelefĂłnica deal
...the mature domestic market, where recession has hit demand. Vodafone, among its competitors, has a 3.3 per cent stake in China Mobile...platforms, the provision of services to multinational clients, roaming and research and development".TelefĂłnica has agreed to pay...
Financial Times  06-09-2009

A wine-soaked odyssey
...into rooms of unspeakable refinement in courtyards lined with orange trees. A few years ago, it was rotting on the hillside of Panagia...a rule it has, yet Greece remains the delightful exception. Roaming around the country for a month, I had to fight to pay for drinks...
Financial Times  05-09-2009

The Penny Dreadfuls: Never Man, Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh
The Penny Dreadfuls burst on to the Fringe in 2006 with their riotous mock Victorian melodrama, Aeneas Faversham. Since then they’ve brought their dandy characters
The Independent  24-08-2009

The Prodigy's Keith Flint on battling his addictions and finding peace
...touring with the band, he’s at home, with his six dogs roaming the extensive grounds, which is an important detail because...with it.” So they were soon an item, and married three years ago in Felsted, and Flint has found someone to love other.....
The Times  15-08-2009

U2 returns to Britain: a sneak preview
...who has listened to rock’n’roll these last three decades, U2 have been uniquely constant. They’ve...cold called self-consciousness.” Is it that U2 are roaming universes uncharted by a rock band that obliges them to keep...
The Times  14-08-2009

Critics of Ramzan Kadyrov regime are only ones to die in Chechnya
...expose the excesses of Mr Kadyrov’s security services. After three killings inside a month, activists ask each other who will be next? Is a death squad roaming Grozny under official sanction or are these horrible but unrelated killings...
The Times  12-08-2009

Celebrity bear Knut to get ‘racy’ Italian playmate in Berlin zoo
...zoo in Munich, but Berlin has agreed to take on all three while Munich extends its bearpit. It seems that laws each bear should be allocated at least 200sq m of roaming space. Gianna, born in a zoo in the Tuscan province...
The Times  07-08-2009

Cut the cost of using your mobile abroad
...messaging from abroad. Vodafone’s Passport this summer. Vodafone customers can sign up free to have roaming charges scrapped in 35 European...texts also qualify. Vodafone also sells pay-as.....
The Times  01-08-2009

Observations: Clore Leadership Programme provides a step up for future Royal Ballet supremos
How do you become the next Sir Nicholas Serota or Dame Monica Mason? For people trying to follow in the footsteps of the Tate and Royal Ballet supremos, attending the Clore Lead
The Independent  31-07-2009

Land of the Lost (12A), Brad Silberling, 110 mins
Based on a 1970s TV series, this spoof adventure epic stars Will Ferrell as an idiot palaeontologist whose invention of a showtune-singing time machine magicks him and tw
The Independent  31-07-2009

Unidentified 'big cat' filmed near military base
A military policeman spoke today of his shock after capturing dramatic footage of a big cat prowling close to a naval base.
The Independent  28-07-2009

Overdrafts and freebies: welcome to student banking
Finance may not be at the forefront of students' minds as their first university term approaches, but with banks keen to lure them in, there is the potential to access hu
The Independent  26-07-2009

United Utilities' Green ready to sell £800m of assets
United Utilities, the FTSE 100 water company, is reviewing a key division of its business, which could lead to a sale worth over £800m later this year.
The Independent  18-07-2009

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