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Mobile Roaming Accessories

At we like to review all features and roaming accessories which are available to help you go global roaming for less. Mobile worldsim cards are called by many names, and it's important to ensure you know the difference between the different international SIM cards, the roaming accessories and roaming options that are available. Hopefully this will help you make the right decision when using mobile overseas.

Operator Mobile Roaming Bundles

Operators, such as Orange, T-Mobile, Everything Everywhere, o2, Vodafone and 3 may offer what’s called a roaming bundle for those wanting to use their current phone number and plan/package while abroad. The drawback is that you need to be on a contract deal and the roaming rates may not be a cheap as a specialised roaming sim for travel. Also, if you will frequently be relying on your sim to get you access to the internet, a second sim with cheaper data roaming charges would be beneficial.

Mobile roaming SIM cards are also called Travel SIM Card, SIM Card for Traveling, SIM for Travel, Roaming SIM, Data SIM, Global SIM Travel SIM and International SIM card.

Mobile roaming can be expensive, especially with roaming data charges, but we still find that buying a mobile roaming SIM is the best, overall solution.

Dual SIM Phones

They are good, and it is starting to get interesting as a better range of phones become available. What you have to look for when choosing a Dual Sim phone is if it allows both numbers to be available at the same time so you don’t losing calls because one of your sim cards is switched off.

But, even if the phone quality and functionality is everything you need we struggle to find a reason for why we’d want a dual SIM phone that allows you to receive calls on both numbers, while roaming, but only dialing using your mobile roaming SIM? One of the biggest, if not the biggest, reason to have a roaming sim card is to save money on both roaming call and data roaming charges, but you wouldn’t be saving anything on the calls you receive on your normal number. You’d be much better getting the best roaming sim you can find and divert your normal number to the roaming sim, using your existing mobile as an international mobile phone.

Dual SIM Switch Mobile Phones

These mobiles allow you to have two sim cards inside your mobile but only one SIM card is connected to a mobile network at any one time one. You have to manually select which sim card you wish to use from the phone menu.

Dual SIM Standby Mobile

This more advanced option allows you to have two sim cards connected to a mobile phone network at the same time. You can receive a call or dial a call to either of the sim cards at a time, however only one call can be received at the time.

Dual SIM Adapter

Dual SIM Adapters enabling your normal phone to have the features of a dual sim phone without having to change handsets or get a special international mobile phone. They are useful if you live in an area with bad reception, and you need to switch mobile network provider to be able to stay connected. Dual Sim Adapters are also known as Ghost Dual SIM Card Holders, and are the easiest way of enabling the use of two SIM cards in one phone. The down side is that only one SIM card can be operational at any one time.

Sim Card Backup

A SIM Card Reader is a nice thing to have as you can back up you phone book, copy it to other sim cards, but it’s still more of a gimmick than of any real use. With smartphones becoming more widely used sim backups are pretty much redundant as your smart phone can back up much more than just your contact directly on a PC.

If you know of any other worldsim, roaming sim or travel sim accessory which makes using mobile overseas easier or cheaper, please let us know and we’ll review it.

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