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You may have heard that the European Union recently dictated to operators that roaming should be cheaper. In some cases this is bringing down costs by as much as 70%. However, some mobile operators have been charging as much as 200% more than the actual cost of the call. Nice, if you're a mobile phone company, but not so nice if you are traveling in Europe.

It's a tough job for anyone getting a full picture of the cost of roaming. We reckon that there is really only one way to find out what the best international sim card, roaming solution is: compare all the providers and find the best international sim card for your needs. If you still ask yourself, what is roaming?, then click here for more details.

Compare Roaming Costs is an independent comparison site for international sim cards and compares roaming call, roaming text and roaming data charges. The roaming sim world can be complicated but with you will be able to find the right roaming sim for your individual needs.

If you travel frequently and don't want the hassle of having a SIM card for each country you visit, look no further, help is here!

There are 3 main types of Roaming SIM Cards

1. Free Inbound Call Roaming SIMs

A few roaming sim card suppliers do not charge anything for calls received when roaming in certain countries, so get one of these SIMs and receive as many calls as you like for free. To find a roaming sim with free incoming calls, simply select the country you'll be visiting in the Roaming Tariff Checker banner at the top of the page. Look at the column title "Receiving Calls" and select a supplier that does not charge for incoming/receiving calls.

2. Cheaper Outbound Call Roaming SIMs

With these cards you do pay for inbound calls, but still a lot less than you would be charged by your ordinary network provider. Typical cost to receive a call is only around 10p per minute. But, because you are paying to receive a call, the cost of any outbound call you make is discounted. Generally, when you make a call with this type of roaming sim card, it will be via a callback system. Callback system - you dial a number and press send then your call will be disconnected. You'll then receive a call a few seconds later which connects to your destination. The callback system is a great way to save extra money, but you don't have to use it. Most suppliers allow you to turn it on or off.

3. Cheap Data Roaming SIMs

Cheap data roaming sim cards do just what it says, saves you money on data. These are perfect for travellers who need to stay on top of important emails or can't live without social media. Select which country you'll be visiting from the Roaming Tariff Checker banner above, and click on "Sort By" in the "Data per/min" column to get the cheapest data roaming rates.

Good Advice when roaming:

For Roaming Services there are many easy things to do before you travel to cut your roaming costs.

1. Switch off or divert Voicemail

Switch off your voicemail before you leave your home network, or set it to divert to your landline at home. The cost to receive and listen to a voice mail when abroad is the same as receiving a call when abroad.

2. Hang up and Redial

Depending on the roaming SIM card you choose, and which country you are in, it can be cheaper for you to make a call than to receive a call. Explain to the caller that you are abroad, and it makes perfect sense.

3. Divert your normal mobile number

If you know that people will want to contact while you're abroad, it makes sense to get a roaming sim card with free incoming calls and divert you normal mobile phone number to the new roaming sim number. That way, your friends, family and business colleagues can call you on your normal mobile number and you won't have to pay to receive the calls. What's more, if your friends, family and business colleagues call your normal mobile number they probably won't be paying for the call either! This is by far the best, and cheapest, way to stay in contact while abroad.

4. Using roaming data while abroad

Today more than ever, people are staying connected using the internet while abroad and the cost of roaming data can be monstrous. All of the roaming sim cards we promote can save you money on your data roaming charges and some more than others. Click on the country you are visiting in the Roaming Tariff Checker banner at the top of the page. Then click on "Sort By" in the column titled "Data per/MB" to get the cheapest roaming sim for roaming data.

Make it easy for yourself - find your perfect roaming sim now - click here. And if the sim world still seems like a daunting place, you are still not sure which roaming sim is best for you, or still asking yourself "what is roaming?", get in contact and will assist as much as possible.

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Mobile Operators to cut Roaming Charges on Text messages and Data Charges, "This evidence shows that text and data roaming prices have remained too high compared to the actual costs incurred by operators"