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  • Cost of Recieving Calls
  • Local Calls
  • SIM Card Price
  • Initial Credit with SIM Card
  • Country of SIM Number
  • Text Message Charges
  • Data Roaming Charges
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Terms and Conditions is an independent roaming cost comparison service. cannot take responsibility for the correctness of the prices, the prices are the priced published by the operators and calculated via the same conversion rate from international currencies and all prices have been calculated with VAT. However these rates might change and we are not always informed immediately by the providers.

Please notice some additional prices that might occur after the purchase of the sims.
  • VAT
  • Delivery costs
  • Call set up charges (this can make cost/min look very attractive)
  • Annual re-activation fee (charges of between £5 and £20 to keep the card active)
  • Additional cost to call a mobile number
  • Call credit can expire expires – often after 3 – 9 months if card is unused

Prices are subject to change with time we aim to update the prices regularly however please check and be sure before purchasing.

By buying from clicking on a link on you do not become a customer of but of the company we send your browser to. You accept that only can provide you with the data available to us and you must check all the terms and conditions on the site you pay on and establish a customer relationship. You agree to hold free of any charges, or cost that might occur after you purchase a sim from the providers. We are not responsible for the customer service nor are we responsible for the sim card or any call charges that occur, we solely act as a place for comparison of prices.

You agree to not hold us responsible for any cost or claims or problems arising or  occurred because of but not limited to errors and omission from

Use our service for comparing the sims and the providers and make up your own mind, however the list it the most through roaming comparison in the world at the time of writing and acts as a guide for roaming charges and what the actual costs are.

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Roaming News:
Mobile Operators to cut Roaming Charges on Text messages and Data Charges, "This evidence shows that text and data roaming prices have remained too high compared to the actual costs incurred by operators"